Individual Counselling

I work with mature youth and adults of all ages, treating a range of presenting problems with research-backed techniques. I bring to counselling a warm, collaborative, client-centred perspective that honours your need to share your pain or fear and harnesses your innate capacity for growth. Operating from a multicultural standpoint allows me to match the diversity of my clients’ experiences (teenage to retirement age; varied gender identity; different ethnicities; range of socioeconomic backgrounds). I will help you understand why I suggest certain methods and seek feedback regularly so that we can change gears if needed. I like to think of our therapeutic relationship as one where you are the expert on the content of your life, and I am the therapeutic process expert who knows what has been proven to help.

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Relationship Counselling

I am passionate about working with people to improve relationship communication, break negative interpersonal patterns, and make room for the love to shine through. My counselling technique leverages the power of having multiple perspectives in the room, which is often much more impactful than talking about relationships with just one member.

I work with:

  • Relationships at all stages

  • Couples with diverse sexual preferences and/or gender identities

  • Couples who are struggling with cross-cultural communication or family differences

  • Polyamorous relationships

My approach is based on Dr. Sue Johnson’s Emotionally-Focused Therapy for Couples. I also draw upon information and resources from The Gottman Institute.

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Online and Phone Counselling

I am fascinated by the potential of out-of-office counselling. While it has a different flow and flavour than in-person sessions, the research shows that online or phone counselling can benefit:

  • Clients who find a special working connection with an out-of-town counsellor

  • Clients who like the flexibility of accessing counselling wherever they happen to be

  • Clients in rural settings without access to specialized psychological services

  • Clients who are prevented from leaving the house for the very reason they would need to talk to a counsellor (phobia, stress, anxiety, caring for a dependent)

  • Clients who feel like they can disclose more about their life, feelings, and fears when they aren’t face-to-face

When my clients call in for online or phone counselling sessions, they are met with the same warmth, care, and perspective that they would receive in-person.

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Rates & Payment

Individual, relationship, and phone counselling each currently cost $120 per 50 minute session. E-transfer to, cash, and cheque are accepted as payment before session begins.

Insurance and benefits coverage: Many extended health plans offer a range of coverage for psychotherapy with a Registered Clinical Counsellor. Please contact your provider for more information about your options.

Subsidized counselling for crime victims: I am a private counselling provider with the BC Crime Victims Assistance Program. If you have been offered counselling through law enforcement or your victim services program, please contact me for more information about redeeming this service.

No- or low-income clients: I believe that quality counselling should be accessible to all. As such, I provide a limited number of sliding-scale-cost sessions to my no- or low-income clients. Please reach out if you have any questions.

ICBC claimants: As of April 1st 2019, ICBC has changed the way that claimants can access counselling services. I have put a temporary pause on accepting ICBC clients until the counselling community has a better understanding of these changes and how we can use it to help our clients.